Elliot Macleod

Hi! Woof! I am a 5 year old Westie with a strong sense of adventure. Some say it's part of my 'westitude', but I don't really know. I think I'm unique. Oh wait. Thinking I am unique IS probably 'westitude'.

Anyway, I came to live with my mom and dad (and sister who is now at rainbow bridge) via my two God Dog Mommies, Karen and Jeannie. They are the best and I love them dearly. GDM Karen runs Westie Rescue of Orange County. She saved me and in turn entrusted my parents to care for me 'forever after'. 

I'm a pretty lucky pup. I get to travel and meet a lot of really great people and pets. I like to give back the love given to me by sharing my  Pup.E.Lessons and my Wandering Westie insights.

Thanks for stopping by! Let's be friends! Follow me on my social networks and comment on my blog. 

Andiamo! (oh, did I mention I am bi-lingual?)

- Elliot